March 15th

At this year’s TCF we will are introducing the concept of a
“principal beneficiary”.

That group will be given an agreed percentage of the TCF 2016 surplus, up to a certain amount, and for a particular project of that group.  In addition,

  • the group will be given a free stall at the TCF to promote themselves
  • the group will be highlighted in promotions for the TCF
  • on the TCF website the group will be mentioned and there will be a hyperlink to the group’s donation section on their website
  • likewise the group will be included in the TCF program with the website address for donations

In 2016 the selected group is Giant Steps Tasmania, which is located in Deloraine.

Giant Steps is the only school in Tasmania that is devoted solely to educating and assisting children (and young adults) with an autism spectrum disorder.  Have a look at their website at

We are proud to be supporting such a good cause.