Hong Ma is the 2019 Emerging Artist.

"I love the natural beauty of wood. I feel sad to waste even one piece of it. I often use what other people consider as firewood. Many times, projects of mine have started by saving a piece of wood. Sometimes I have to wait a while for the timber to talk to me.

In my mind, wood is not the only beautiful part of the tree. Seeds, leaves and flowers can also be very pretty. So, in my work I like to experiment to display them together. The using of resin has become very important to me for combinging all these elements together. Often, I will use colour pencils, woodturning shavings, food ingredients, or whatever else I may find to enrich my work.

I don't like repetitions, so I always think to do something different, something unique. Every year I try to use different techniques or elements to come up with something different to what I've made before.

I love woodwork. It allows me to express my spirit."


You can see Hong Ma at the 2019 fair, with the full 2019 program of over 260 exhibitors launching September 30. Get your tickets online to save and win!