Lois Bury is the 2018 Emerging Artist.

Lois has a diverse range of styles, work and approach to her art practice. Besides illustrating children's picture books and producing gift cards, Lois paints large-scale acrylic works on canvas, medium-sized watercolour paintings  and acrylic miniature wooden blocks of our favourite avians. For a little 3 dimensional take, the Bruny Island Boathouse mobiles feature fish, birds and leafy sea dragons. 

Lois is self-taught and has made the break from Nursing, specialising in Midwifery and Diabetes Education to explore and develop a small business as an Artist and Illustrator.  ‘Once I knew there were 12 Endemic birds in Tasmania, all to be found on Bruny, there was no stopping me…..they are integral to just about everything I do!

View Lois's website at http://www.loisburyart.com.au/