Andy and Margaret Creative

We are a husband and wife creative duo who work extensively with recycled materials, enjoying the challenges this presents.

Andy Causon
I am a professional portrait artist and my work has been sold through Gallery Salamanca in Hobart. My work including my lamps can be found at with links to gallery. I have been making lamps for approximately four years and this has complemented my other work. All lamps are original pieces and can be described as retro-industrial.

Margaret Causon
My interest in leatherwork began in my school days. As a young mother, I made leather shoes for my sons, and dabbled in other accessories as well. More recently, I have put my creative energy into recycling the leather from unwanted leather garments, furniture even. I love the process of transforming a piece of pre-loved leather into something like a beautiful and useful bag and see it continue to be a part of someone’s life in its new form.