The Premier’s Award for Excellence

2017 Winner: Peter Bowles of Glass Manifesto with "Halo"
"A work of excellence.  The many processes involved show great mastery of the discipline where Peter has extended the boundaries.  "Halo" would stand up in any exhibtion world wide."

Commendations to:
106/107 Chris Mitchell (woodturner/craftsman) and Jennifer Frost (Jeweller/Sculptor)
Collaborative art project - “Wilderness Vessels”
406 Wendy Voon Knits (experimental wearable art)
514 Geckostrands Linda Chee “Threads”
537 Tarrant Guitars - Acoustic Guitar
827 Emily Eliza Arlotta - Jewellery “Eventide”
2016 Winner: Opaque Handcrafted - Lilla Szczerba
"Opaque Handcrafted, a Tasmanian-based maker and designer creating unique pieces with Eco Resin and Upcycled Tasmanian timbers all handcut and made. Ever evolving original designs."

2015 Winner: Benjamin Timber Studio, Tony Mercorella -- "Book Tree"
"The book tree design engaged the judges through its exquisite craftsmanship, elegant form, functionality and innovation.  The stall is well planned and designed to support the professional exhibition of an entire body of work"​

Best Working Exhibit Award

2017 Winner: Jan Clay of "World of Marbles"
"The making of marbles is intriguing to young and old. 
Crowds are drawn to the flame that continuously burns at the World of Marbles stand.
A real crowd pleaser.  An outstanding example of a working exhibtion that the Tasmanian Craft Fair promotes and encourages."

Special Mentions:
411 Natural Selection - Peter Murray flint tool making
820 Jackie Made This - Jackie Moscovitch - Weaving
827 Emily Eliza Arlotte Jewellery
518 K. Mueller Design, Studio Jewellers
761 West Tamar Woodcrafts
2016 Winner: World of Marbles
"This sustained demonstration of flame working attracted great interest. The public benefited from the inclusion of historical equipment and ready explanations of the methods of production."

2015 Winner: Tasmanian Native Timbers, Rob Bird​
"The team approach at Tasmanian Native Timbers is both welcoming and engaging.  The display shows the tools, raw product, the working materials and pieces in various stages of production.  This creates a talking point for both education and interaction with the public."


Stand Presentation Award

2017 Winner: Chris Mitchell & Jennifer G Frost"The outsanding presentation of these adjoining stands complements the wonderful fragility of Jennifer's work and the strength of Chris's."

707 Seward Glass Design - Virginia Saward
720 McLaren Bespoke
725 Pure Sense Gallery
728 Margaret Vandenberg Art
814 Tassie Dazzle
821 Why Dogs
2016 Winner: ENDEMIC Design - Brandon Lee
"Effectively addressed all the category criteria, exhibiting work incorporating a diverse range of mediums.
Inviting, ascetically pleasing and functional having great impact."

2015 Winner: Opaque Handcrafted, Lilla Szczerba
"The stand reflects a contemporary elegant design that is beautifully dressed.  While aesthetically plesing the stand is functional inviting the public to engage.  A major piece draws immediate attention."

First Time Exhibitor Award

2017 Winner: Bridget Farmer
"Bridget showed all the attributes of  a successful participant at the Tasmanian Craft Fair. 
Presenting a wide variety of delightful, well crafted work.
Displaying confidence and the ablity to work and communicate with the public in a knowledgeable and friendly manner."

110 I Made it for You - Jen Owens
533 Deborah Wace - Botanical Artwork
734 Gathered Pieces - Maryanne Munteanu
804 Eat Creations - Tara Ropponen
827 Emily Eliza Arlotte Jewellery
Special Encouragement Award:
822 Twin Peaks Cushions - Chloe Steuart (a 12 year old who is saving up for her Vet Science Degree at University)
2016 Winner: Beech - Diane Kelly
"Created in Tasmania using fibres of integrity. Timeless, classic fashion."
2015 Winner: Endemic Design - Brandon Lee
"This stand demonstrates innovation and quality work presented in a professional manner.  The work showcases Tasmanian materials and imagery.  A friendly informative manner invites engagement and educates the public."​

Providores Award

2017 Winner: Redlands Distillery
"A very high standard of display and customer interaction in a field of excellent exhibitors."

Commendations to:
Joanna's Jams
Venus Confectionary
Kosie Country Made
2016 Winner: Rare Finds - Lizz Martin
"This stall showed exceptional attention to their customers, great product knowledge, unique products, good tasters and very clean inviting stall presentation. Also the product labelling had good shelf presence."

2015 Winner: Rhuby Delights, Malcolm Ryan
"Rhuby Delight has brought an old favourite into the 21st Century.  Rhubarb is Tasmanian grown and processed.  The freeze dried chocolate covered rhubarb delights are enticing to the senses, beautifully packaged and presented.  It is an exciting new product with great potential."​