The Meander Valley unit was formed in 1985 with help at the time from all the Deloraine service clubs - some of the old equipment had the Rotary logo on it. The Meander Valley Council also played a major role at the time and on a yearly basis since then.
We have a membership of 15 and we have the youngest average age of members of any unit in the State. We are always keen for new people to come along and see what we do and join if they want to give it a try.

Most years we average about 35-40 callouts, with most being for road accident rescue and the remainder for flood, storm or assisting with other emergencies in the area. We service an area from Parramatta Creek through to Hagley, out onto the Frankford Highway and up into the Central Highlands past the Great Lake.

A donation from the proceeds of the Craft Fair has enabled the purchase of a new Battery combi tool for the SES unit.

The battery combi tool as the name suggests is a battery operated tool. Normally the rescue equipment is powered from a petrol driven hydraulic pump which is a combination of a traditional cutter and spreader that we use in the main truck. The advantages are one tool instead of two and a big weight saving not having to carry around the hydraulic pump.

There will be a demonstration each day around lunch time and vehicles and some members will be on-site for the duration of the Fair.